220035, Minsk,
Gastello str., 16
Reference: 8-017-237-37-01
Reception: 8-017-203-56-98
Registry 8-017-203-58-21
Fax: 8-017-203-21-44

In the clinic require employees:                             

 Medical receptionist;
 Safety engineer;
 Physician Anesthesiologist;
 Meditsinskayam nurse anesthetist;
 Nurse (to the branch at Mayakovsky, 162);
 Paramedic's assistant in clinical diagnostic laboratories;
 The Economist; Matron.
 Personnel Department, Tel .: 203-30-16

In the clinic operates round the clock "hotline" for patients who want to provide information about the facts of extortion and bribery of medical professionals 226-81-51.

In the health committee of Minsk Executive Committee operates round the clock "hotline" in answering machine mode for receiving information on corruption offenses in the Health Committee 396-45-65.

Number of people taking an anonymous drug treatment in the current year: